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Filth under Pressure

Posted by Oscar - Portafilth on February 15, 2011 – 7:18 pm

Why do you read James Hoffmann’s blog?

A: To debate how many Fs & Ns there are in the former WBC champ’s lastname?

B: To add the 67th non value adding comment to make your name known in the industry?


C: To learn more about coffee, roasting, espresso-extraction, especially pre-infusion and pressure profiling and how it relates to grinding and dosing and can effect taste?

Well if your answer is C I am sure you have already read the post:

Continued thoughts on pressure profiling

….and if you happen to be competing in the upcoming Barista Cup (less than 4 weeks away) you may want to read it twice.

Yeah, that is right, the Swedish qualifiers for WBC will be using Stradas! Supercool for all us hardware geeks; The Strada is the hottest piece of hardware out there, barelly launched in Sweden it is a beautiful machine to watch and touch – but how is it to use for a nervous barista in a competition environment?

To defend this blogg’s niche in the filthy coffee tabloid market I will add some very loose quotes about the Strada from two worldchamps just to make you competing baristas even more nervous:

Tim Wendelboe: “very easy to make really bad tasting shots”

Klaus from TCC: “You just can’t be moving the paddle accurately while you are steaming milk for a cappuccino”

Please follow the links and read the whole posts, especially Tim W’s review of the machine is very positive as a whole but nevertheless there are many factors to consider when using a paddle Strada compared to let’s say the WBC Aurelia . With Aurelia’s one button even a monkey could make good coffee?

It will be interesting to see how the competitors will use the Strada, will people dare to experiment with pressure, will preinfusion be used or not? Will most take the safe route and follow David Schomer’s advice of holding pressure stable throughout the extraction?

Swedish importer/distributor Espressospecialisten has kindly arranged Strada practice sessions in Stockholm, Malmö & Göteborg and there are also possibilities to play with a LM paddle machine at the J&N conceptstore the day before the competitions.

OK enough said about hardware, in the end the best barista will win…. My childish speculations about the outcome of Barista Cup continues:

Stockholm based baristi will dominate the final with 3 out of the 6 slots, Skåne will have 2 and Gothenburg 1.

2 of the top 3 baristas will be female but the winner will be male.

My quick pressure reliever playlist:

Blur – Song 2
Adiam Dymott – Miss You
Whale – Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe

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  1. 1. J Said:

    Interesting, I randomly have thought 2 female baristi top 3, but winner male as a non specific scenario. I also love the cheekiness on the J. Hoffmann postings in the comment section ;)

  2. 2. Henrik S Said:

    No pressure profiling will be used during the competition. Thats what I heard. You are only allowed to use the start/stop button that is programmed with a standard pressure profile.

  3. 3. portafilth Said:

    J: In your dreams YOU are the winner with one cheeky lady on each side of you? ;-)

    Henrik: there’s no start/stop button…or is there? the Manual Paddle seems to be the comp machine = no programming possible… I say let people go crazy with the paddles…. or at least allow some innocent preinfusion?

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